Treading Water

Discovering Derbyshire PART 1

The heart of England, on the edge of the Peak District…

On Tuesday, we went for a walkabout. Off the main road here there are many country lanes. Very inviting to go for a nosy round when the sun is shining, (it wasn’t supposed to be). Most unusual…

So we chose a little lane that had a signpost leading to a village, it consisted of 5 very grand houses all set in their own grounds, with about a half mile between each one. And aside from a church in the distance that was it. Nice, very nice…

The views there are awesome, it was like walking into a time warp, before busy roads had been invented…



SAM_1621 (2)


SAM_1628 (2)


The Parish Church…

SAM_1636 (2)

The Post Office…


SAM_1639 (2)

The local cattle holding their Annual General Meeting, better location than the office. [Them cows are getting a lot of airtime on here]

SAM_1644 (2)

SAM_1647 (2)

Looks quite grand…?

SAM_1652 (2)

Be a bit draughty though…


At the end of the road, Farmer Giles’s place…


“The common touch” outside a big posh mansion…


And a monkey tree outside another big posh mansion…

SAM_1663 (2)

There aren’t many places left unspoiled like this. Fields, hills and trees as far as the eye can see. No proper roads and not even any intensive farming visible either.

I said to Dave that when we move to Spain for good, I’d like to remember Britain through these photos. But it’s back down to earth with a bump when less than 3 miles away there’s this…


And this, after we’d got out of our own pit stop, oncoming traffic at a standstill…


Total car journey: Two miles…

Coming up tomorrow: Off we go down another country lane, on foot, wearing trainers…

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