Discovering Derbyshire PART 2

No commentary required. Blimey, that’s unusual for me…

SAM_1664 (2)


SAM_1666 (2)

SAM_1667 (2)

SAM_1669 (2)

SAM_1670 (2)

SAM_1672 (2)




SAM_1678 (2)

SAM_1679 (2)

SAM_1680 (2)


SAM_1693 (2)

Coming up tomorrow: A flowery bouquet…

2 thoughts on “Discovering Derbyshire PART 2

  1. Hi Val,

    I know! Awesome for me isn't it?

    Truly, Britain's green and beautiful land in this post. Except sad as it may be there isn't much of it left…

    Aside from that, the warm sun, even in May is an exception to the rule now! Just the odd few days all “summer”

    Sad to say, global warming is obvious here. The UK is but a small island surrounded by warming, rising sea levels. Up the precipitation levels go when the sea is warm, so rain falls with rare sun. Same in most of northern Europe from what we've learned.

    I should shut up, we're about to put up our boat for sale in the UK!


    Heth xxxx


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