Discovering Derbyshire PART 3

Wild Flower Power…



SAM_1687 (2)

Zoomed in…



SAM_1695 (2)



Certainly makes me think though, they’re very nice, but they just don’t last long enough here in the UK…

In Spain, wild or not, flowers bloom all year round and trees don’t lose their leaves in winter. I’ve got a large patio garden over there full of exotic flora and fauna. Must be about 40 pots, I kid ye not. With a mix of lush garden flowers and others (that will only survive not very well indoors here), for example Rubber plants or Yucca’s. There’s a Rubber plant waiting for me out there with TEN INCH long leaves! It’s so heavy I’ve been able to hang it over a balustrade…

Oh and we’ve also got many members of the palm tree variety, along with cactuses of various shapes and sizes. And they all look after themselves, to be fair just a few of the flowery kind depend on the irrigation system to spectacularly flourish. Hope the darn thing’s still working…! I’ll post some photos of them all when we go back, even the cactuses flower without water!     


Change of subject relevant to the here and now: We went to visit TT the other day. There she was, adorned with her own personal crew, pampering and working hard on the good ship in dry dock.

Might be out of water, but she’s got first class silver waiter service going on there. Extra perk, we know all the “waiters” personally, no room (or desire from them) for error. Only half way through and she was looking good, will take some photos when she’s afloat again.

While we were “on site” we dropped off six new rope fenders to be fitted (when the paint’s dry), so they hang just above the waterline.

Total cost: £107.00 from Midland Chandlers, and that’s with discount because we’re moored here! Yes, unless you’re willing to splice them yourself, which we’re not, that’s the going rate…

Should’ve bought them in Spain, even overweight on luggage it wouldn’t cost that much…

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