Treading Water

The Mackworth Hotel, Derbyshire

This is not a promo, we were gobsmacked…!

Here’s where we went for quality food (and service), with quality views and decent prices. The Mackworth Hotel is situated within easy walking distance from the Premier Inn we stayed at, and comes highly recommended…


It’s a huge 18th century building which retains many original features. The function rooms aren’t even visible on the photo in the link, they’re off to the left, built in the same style but much more recent.

The pub itself is divided into separate seating areas, all of which have their own special charm. And there’s a carvery next door to the restaurant…

As for views from beside the restaurant, well:

The secret garden, where no doubt wedding photos will be taken…



And beyond…



Views taken from inside the restaurant, through the glass of the huge conservatory…



Views sat outside at the front…





So why didn’t we eat at the Premier Inn “on site” MUNDY ARMS?

We tried it just the once, and that was enough, it boasted:

  • Overpriced plastic food
  • Overpriced wine that tasted truly weird [At £7.20 A GLASS we could by 3 bottles of very nice wine in Spain for 7 EUROS] 
  • Poor service
  • And a waitress who tried charging us for someone else’s meal! Then later on, someone else’s drinks! No need to mention the sum total was greater than our own bill on both occasions. Having to ask for “the bill” to be recalculated twice, (I said twice) was the final straw of several final straws. 

Forget it…

Before we booked the PI we stuck with what we knew. Viewing a different hotel online, in a place you’re not familiar with can be a nightmare. Turned out we could’ve stayed at the Mackworth Hotel and saved ourselves almost 100 quid!

And never mind £7.99 for a bowl of cereal every day, at the Mackworth, breakfast is included in the price… 

Little note: Dave doesn’t do breakfast anyway. So we went out, bought some cereals for me and stored milk in cold water…! HA!


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