TT Afloat Again

Yes here she is, home and dry {not quite the correct phrase} so:

Home = the mooring

Dry = the paintwork and the blacking

Check out the reflection of the fluffy clouds on the new blue. Yes it’s clouds not uneven paint! The body of the boat does the reflection thing too, even though it must be filthy, (haven’t got round to cleaning outside yet). However, you can still play “count the boats” in there…




Bit of a difference compared with a week ago. 

If she’s happy, we’re happy, as will any buyer be…


And finally, I’ve already mentioned about workmen’s mucky boot prints, of course it was going to happen:

A perfect example out in the lux con…


But a job well done and all that, it doesn’t matter!

We’ve already cleaned up inside the boat, which wasn’t so bad at all. Just dust really.

However, what’s the point in scrubbing down the lux con when it’ll be full of sawdust next week while being refurbished…?!

Good excuse Heth…

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