Welcome to the UK, three days before the start of June

Yesterday afternoon we had the central heating on, this afternoon we’ve lit the fire…




I can’t describe how frustrating it feels when just over 1000 miles away, we have a beautiful house on the Costa Blanca that’s bathed in glorious sunshine. As I write this it’s 25 degrees C there… Yet here we are, “stuck in a rut” for the time being.

I’ve noticed over the past few years the weather here not only dominates a conversation. It’s gone a step further, it also dictates where you go, when you go, and even what you can or can’t do.

For example, a night out down the pub: We have to check the weather forecast for the whole evening before a mile walk there and back. {Do I wear the ski jacket or the Eskimo suit?} If it isn’t worth stepping outside a nice warm boat, we don’t bother going…

Surprisingly, we actually made it there the other night, (was just about bearable to walk), and got chatting to another couple. The guy was saying that he’d never been outside the UK before because he has a fear of flying. However they’ve recently booked flights to go and visit some friends who live in Spain.

He said he’d rather conquer his fear and get some sun, they’re going to learn all they can from their friends and are determined to move there.

They both said they couldn’t stay here any longer than necessary because they’d “had enough.”

Cheers to that, open up your world while you can…!

Part of me is living life through Paul and Elaine’s brilliant blog at the moment. I see their photos of that blue, blue sky, the truly gorgeous landscapes and follow their journey of discovery through Spain…

Note: I’ve reposted this because in the original blog post heading, (whilst in zombie mode), I wrote “May.” Well oh my, even worse, it’s JUNE…!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the UK, three days before the start of June

  1. Hi Tony,

    You're so right! Nope, you're not allowed to say it's too hot lol.

    Thanks for the email, made me chuckle, I read it out to Dave, and he just shook his head in despair.

    Being a bloke he said “so he didn't even get chance to watch his footy team while he was here either…? Bleeping typical!”

    PS: Will email you back when I get chance



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