Summery Dreams

I was reading someone’s blog post this morning who lives in Spain, and she asked the question:

What memories do you want to make this summer?

Well I just had to post a comment and gave a brief summery summary of what we’re up to. Which, to put in a nutshell on this blog means:

“Ditch the British Boat and Hitch the Spanish House” PRONTO!


Much as we love the boat, we have a divided opinion going on between the two of us.

ME: Once this back screen’s been finished (not been started yet), there’s no other jobs need doing at all. She’s pristine, spec’d up, full of additional extras, and ready to move into. So I’d like to go for good, apply for residency, and leave the broker to do the business…

DAVE: Aside from the 6 weeks in August we’ve booked for Spain we’ve also decided on being at the house for almost 5 months in winter. Which would make it 2 weeks short of us being over there for six months in 2014. (Non resident limit even if you own a house outright is 6 months). But he still wants this to be our “base” till the good ship is sold…

So I’ve got a question: Do you think I’ll win him round if she doesn’t sell between now and then? Hmm, to be continued…


I was having a look on Apollo Duck yesterday, (widebeam section – competition). No bias, but there’s not much on there that isn’t overpriced. This missing, that missing in home comforts. Or under tech spec for size of boat etc.

And it irks a bit that certain features on a boat can’t be included in the official valuation by the broker. Because they’re classed as “added extras” or “not necessary” even when they cost a flippin fortune…

For example the lux con at the stern (awaiting to be refurbished), and even the bow thruster! Those two alone means 10 grand not included in the price, because they’re classed as FEATURES THAT AREN’T NECESSARY…

[Note: If a bow thruster is fitted, it means you can stand at the tiller and use a console to make the bow (front) go left or right on it’s own. No need for a human with a pole. In fact this steel boat, 55 foot long and 10 foot wide, can actually go sideways!]

As for the lux con, well nothing out back ever gets exposed to the elements (WET) and it’s a great party space which opens up into the saloon…

The principle of features that mean nothing for a sail sale reminds me of when we were selling up our house (here I mean). We spent a fortune adding an extension that went right across the back with patio doors. It had a proper sloping roof and made the dining room AND kitchen bigger.

Rub hands together on valuation day, but NO the extension didn’t add anything, same reason: “Not Necessary.”

Basically, in the grand scheme of things, any expensive extras are just selling points.

We won’t be silly about it, she’ll go on sale for the true valuation price from the broker, but it doesn’t reflect what she’s REALLY worth at all…

So after thinking I’ve only got one memory to create this summer, there’s two…

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