Going down well

Well, Dave’s on the bow at the moment, in the “well deck.” Over the past few days he’s stripped the whole lot back to bare metal, and is busy treating it with anti-rust paint. (That’s just one thing amidst various other products and layers). Haven’t seen much of him recently, except at the end of the day when he’s knackered…

So it’s yet another job that wasn’t necessary for a sail sale, but he want’s it done because the anti-slip paint was getting a bit patchy in places. He won’t let me take a photo yet, even though bright luminous orange / red might look very fetching to some people…

It’s over a month ago now since the guy came to measure up for the new back cabin, he keeps texting us with updates, but hurry up! We were hoping to have the boat up for sale by now! On the upside, at least Dave hasn’t had to rush any of his domestic cosmetic work.

Meantime, I’ve been sorting some stuff out ready for storage, yes I know it doesn’t require the same level of hard graft. But lucky me, he’s a perfectionist, so I’m not allowed to join in with his man jobs.

I have offered to help though – but only because I know the answer will be a No. {It’s still the polite thing to do}

At least his jobs aren’t on this scale:

The Boardwalk Boulevard at the marina…


Yes, this was taken this afternoon, not the middle of the night, and it’s cold…

How depressingly miserable is that sky in JUNE? Think I’m getting SAD syndrome in “summer.” Along with lots of other folks…

We keep getting asked the likes of “What you doing here when you could be in sunny Spain?”

Another polite thing to do is answer: “Oh shut up please!”

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