In need of an address system

Someone asked for my address on the phone today and I blurted out our Spanish one! It all gets a bit confusing sometimes when there’s THREE addresses to choose from.

So why three? Well like most home owners in Spain we pay for a local Post Office address service, which means parcels from (wherever) can also be sent there.

Why not just use the house address?

a) The postman would never get to the front door, because everyone has (very pretty) wrought iron security gates that lock down. In theory he could just throw stuff over the gates, which isn’t the “done thing” anywhere.

b) If the security gates were open, there’s nowhere to shove the post through. Spanish front doors don’t do letterboxes and have their own personal “fitted to size” wrought iron security gate too. Try shoving a birthday card through that even with a letterbox. If the door’s security gate was also open, the birthday card would still have to be thrown.

c) The postmen easily get confused anyway, that’s if there is one…

Legal stuff: If it’s anything “official,” the House address has to be used, even though Utility Bills etc are done via DD and online. But they ALSO need your PO address for just in case. In fact there’s a couple of, how shall I put it, “important things” that need our address here in the UK too!

See how complex it can be when juggling two addresses abroad with one here? All I can say is thank goodness we have a brilliant solicitor in Spain who takes care of all that stuff. Believe me, it removes any worry or stress. We have more than enough of that going on HERE in the UK…!

How ironic is that? Things are stable for us there, but not here… 

With ref to the media nonsense:

After all we’ve learned, the only expat’s who find themselves in a stress mess in Spain are those who haven’t done their homework…

For anyone who considers buying cheap land “off plan” is a great idea from a single owner (not a contractor) think again. Each council does an “audit” every 4 to 6 years. Hence it can take that long for a bespoke house built under the radar (illegally) to be bulldozed.

Whether the owners were naive or not, it’s up to them to learn how things work in advance, and pay the price if they don’t. Either way, the Spanish authorities can’t win, they still get a media bashing from here.

As for those who assume crime is rife in Spain, we haven’t seen any. The closest was in Benidorm where {most embarrassingly} the British “Bums and Tits” brigade get overly pissed and rowdy. When they go too far, La Guardia are a waiting…

In urban areas where I’ve mentioned before, communities take over wasteland and turn them into beautiful PARK land. There are no yobs move in! This is new to us and truly amazing! Here, said yobs would be there in gangs at night, and sat drinking whilst screwing up the place…

That kind of behaviour just doesn’t happen in Spain. Yes maybe it might on the outskirts of cities, I wouldn’t know. But the thing to remember is that cities are few and far between. Here in the UK every space available is full of drunken underage idiots ready to throw bricks…

Whatever the situation, the lifestyle in Spain means family comes first, even for teenagers, the majority don’t care for trouble.

So basically, each house has far more security gadgets than it needs compared to here. Even more irony to consider…

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