Seen the light

No, I don’t mean the sun… We’re talking about the beginnings of the new back cabin at long flippin last. I’ve already mentioned the complicated “mechanics” of it all somewhere on here, but it’s been so long since conception even I need reminding.

So what’s happening tomorrow is Stage One. There’s wooden panels all round TT’s back bum bit, situated about waist high, and they’re going to be replaced with brand spanking new “marine ply” ones.

There’s eight sections altogether including the cuty little doors that open either side of the boat. However, the mahogany wooden rail that sits atop six of them is staying put, because it’s far too pretty to be turned into woodchips…

Me thinks that’s going to be the easy job compared to Stage Two. Next on the list is the new front screen (ironically, it’s also at the back of the boat). Situated about 10 foot forward and “head high” from the furthest back bit of the back bum bit. Easy? Who said this was easy?

{There’ll be photos to explain it better}

News just in via text: The front screen is ready, but the safety glass isn’t in place yet…

I’m half tempted to say “well fit it anyway, time is of the essence” and air con might be a selling point? We could even hang a fan from the ceiling too. Then again, perhaps not required…

With the UK weather, even at ground water level, whilst innocently sat in the lux con checking out Farcebook notifications. “One” would be in constant danger of being lifted up on high, and sucked out of an empty window by a sudden gust of wind. On the bright side the landing would be relatively soft, thrown into the luxury swimming pool we live on. {IN?} Who put that dick duck there?

However, our fellow moorers wouldn’t bat an eyelid, and rightly so. They’d simply class it as normal behaviour for us.

“Oh, it’s just the crew of Takey Tezey playing at silly buggers AGAIN…”    


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