A Different Kind of View

And I’m not referring to Dave’s bum.

Here he is picking up splinters, after one half of the BOAT’s back bum bit has been removed…



Some time later, one side completed:

The gap on the left is where one of the new cuty doors will be, child friendly, dog friendly, grown ups friendly…



With one half done, it’s the other half’s turn…





Both middle panels joined up…



One half from outside, look at the grain in that marine ply wood, shame we’re going to paint over it…!


Each section (six of them) had to be mitred together with the next one, and screwed in tightly (from inside) to the blue steel support bars you can see on the outside. So it took a fair while to create. Still looks a bit rough out there, but that just needs a good clean up.

There’s no cuty doors on yet, and where the panels are mitred together they still need sealing. (Even when they fit like a glove). I have to say, Mr Carpenter’s done a great job so far…

Thumbs up all round Thumbs up

Little note: Well, you know our luck (or LACK OF IT). The weather forecast for tonight, and through tomorrow is HUGE thunderstorms and driving rain. {Warm air coming up from —> Spain} Oh, the irony…

So after Mr Carpenter knocked off for the day, Dave went outside and whacked primer on the whole lot. Dangerous job that, fall in back there and the rudder is a’ waiting to slice body parts off. It required the use of a plank, and pulling the boat over to the other jetty.

However, he was spared emergency measures inside the lux con because it never get’s wet in there.

Conclusion: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain the UK, and it’s followed us back…

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