Beyond a joke


This is SO FRUSTRATING! Remember when I said that the weather is now so bad here it dictates what you do and when? Well the only jobs left to do on this boat are OUTSIDE:

  • Finishing off painting in the well deck
  • Painting the new back bum bit
  • Even the front screen will have to be fitted on a dry day {and then painted}

Paint doesn’t like rain and it’s CONSTANTLY pissing down. Which means jobs are waiting to be done and there’s not a thing we can do about it. Even when it stops for a while, everything starts to dry up then the next WAVE moves in, and it’s set like this for another five days at least. Who would’ve thought it, rain causing problems for a boat?

Honestly, it feels like a conspiracy theory the likes of: HOW TO BE FORCED INTO WASTING TIME.

I woke up this morning, looked out the window and SHOUTED to Dave “Look at this, I mean how the ****ing hell are we supposed to get this boat ready for sale before we go to Spain? It’s just not going to ****ing happen is it????????????????” {Slams cup down} I can remember the exact words, because I don’t often feel the need to do naughty swearing, or being cruel to cups…

Dave: “Well it is going to happen because we’ll find a way.” He’s so pragmatic, wish I could be as patient. Takes a lot for this “glass half full” person here to pull a tantrum. 

We’ve already discussed creating some kind of weird tent system, using bubble wrap over the bow so he can paint the well deck. It was a joke at the time…

Well Ha Ha Ha, hilarious…

2 thoughts on “Beyond a joke

  1. Yep, the forecast has changed again… They just can't even predict it accurately anymore!

    Anyway, Dave's going out on the bow painting today, because it isn't raining. See what I mean??!!

    Right, that's it, no more talk about weather, too boring. {Yawn}



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