Shared Vision

On the subject of eyesight:

  • I’m short sighted: Without my glasses, close up, everything’s Chrystal clear, things only start to go blurred beyond about 3 metres away. The further away the worse it is.
  • Dave’s long sighted: Without his glasses, distance is fine, but he can’t read close up, that’s where he gets the blurred thing going on.

Further complications occur because:

  • My eyesight has changed and the spectacles haven’t, so I can’t see distance clearly even when wearing them.
  • Dave can’t find reading glasses “off the shelf” that help much, so his don’t work right either.

(Couple of cheapskates, we should go to an opticians, save on costs, and buy a pair of bifocals to share).

So how does “shared vision” work? Well, I read out tiny writing on restaurant menu’s and food labels, (without glasses), while Dave reads far away signs for me (without glasses). He reckons the only reason he can use his laptop without ZOOM is because it’s backlit.

Strange really because if he’s doing man jobs that require precision, his glasses actually work. Must be why they call them “reading glasses” even when they aren’t.

Ah, how sweet, LOOK at that, His n’ Hers useless spectacles in Southern Spain…


Note: Old fashioned maps also pose a problem. Based on the above, without a sat nav we’d probably end up in the wrong country…

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