The attractive pumpout station

In the early hours of the evening, after the spectacular thunderstorm yesterday we set off for a pumpout. There’s two stations here at Mercia, and the one that’s most convenient was occupied by another widebeam.

So we did a 180 turn and stopped off at the other one. Bow thruster required, there was quite a breeze going on, but she still turned on a sixpence.

When mooring up in the wind, it’s a blessing to have a boat with double the control. [As compared to a boat without a bow thruster and out of control. Seen that countless times] Especially important for us when we’ve got a newly blacked bottom to protect – for someone else’s benefit…

There was a guy watching us from a narrowboat parked up further down, he looked very impressed. Might even have got a round of applause and a “certificate of excellence” if he’d been able to monitor the whole journey there… Which involved: 

  • Driving half blind with the left hand side of the screen still boarded up.
  • Manoeuvring two 180 turns on the way.
  • Avoiding other boats whilst unable to see them.
  • Encountering a brisk breeze (all the way) and remaining steady.
  • Passing another boat amidst moored boats.

And all that on tick-over as courtesy to others, without the bow thruster involved…

Similar scenario to successfully playing golf with a handicap: One hand strapped to “one’s” bum, whilst wearing the cap over one eye “ i “

Think that covers it nicely…

Note to oneself: Enough of the wordplay, shut up and get on with the nice photos before people start putting their coats on.

So, the nice photos from a not so nice Pumpout Palace:

a) The cute stuff:

Stood in the lux con with the back rolled up I heard the patter of tiny feet. Mum, dad, and seven chicks popped round for a visit. Well Hello…!



b) The interesting stuff:

The entrance to the dry dock behind us, where TT was sat about three weeks ago…


Couldn’t really capture the sheer size of the place or the depth of the water. See the waterline inside? I worked out that if I was stood on the floor, it would be roughly a metre above my head…






c) The work in progress, except everyone had gone home for tea:

Mercia’s Boardwalk Boulevard is coming along nicely…



See how challenging and pleasantly varied a pumpout can pee be…?

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