Get Me Out Of Here

Getting there slowly

For the past couple of days we’ve been sat over on the pier where the guys from the Aqua team work on boats. They weren’t happy with the fact that when TT came out of dry dock last month, the paintwork above the gunnels didn’t quite match up to the boat’s colour of blue.

So they stripped it all back yesterday, re-did the whole lot, and now it matches perfectly. Meantime we stayed put for another day, to double make sure it all dried out and hardened off.

I wasn’t going to mention this on the blog, we were used to the  contrast as it was before. But they weren’t happy! So we went along with it, and they’ve totally succeeded with their efforts. At no extra cost to us, it’s awesome…

When we arrived back on our mooring earlier this evening, EVERYBODY noticed. Not being naive, we honestly didn’t realise the difference it would make till afterwards, but our team of experts did.

Stunning job guys, truly stunning…

I’ll take some photos before she goes up for sale and post them on here.

So next week will be a whirlwind of tying up loose ends of jobs. The new front screen (with toughened safety glass) will be fitted on Monday or Tuesday at the latest, and we’ve been told it’s a full day of a job. Which is what we knew anyway, with it being bespoke and all, such things take time…

{They also take time waiting to be created, but it’s worth it}

I sometimes wonder to myself what people on other piers must think about that boarded up screen being sat there for so long. A lovely abandoned boat for six months and counting?

Well for four months of that time we were in Spain, and the last two months we’ve been waiting for the new one to be built and fitted.


I drove her back to our mooring tonight. But due to the fact that the whole front screen is being replaced, the side you’re “supposed” to be able to see through hasn’t been cleaned during those six months… [What’s the point when it’s going for recycling?]

So an unexpected problem arose, because it was sunny (for once) all it did was reflect the grime on the one half that’s visible. Never mind driving half blind as mentioned previously, this was bordering on total blind, sunglasses or not. Well I love a challenge!

Dave the expert here moored her up without touching either jetty, I won’t do that bit! Other people even with bow thrusters have said how he makes it look easy to them.

When in reality it’s not. Even on a double size berth with no room for a boat next door, and an effective bow thruster for correction. This boat’s still w-i-d-e enough to clatter off both sides. However, friends have also noticed how there’s no need to help with ropes pulling her in. They still come round for a laugh, but hard graft isn’t necessary at all.

So where we’ve been moored for the past couple of days is really nice. No boat’s behind, just trees and plants. However, the real downside there is that it’s right opposite the Boardwalk Boulevard. Which means while it’s being built “one” needs earplugs, and after it’s been built, within view, “one” might feel spied upon…

Right now, we don’t care even if we were planted in a field, as long as the work gets done…

Boring as this may sound to those who don’t do boats, we’re on a mission here to live in Spain. It’s real when we’ve got a gorgeous house there.

Save and post…

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