Get Me Out Of Here

Blooming Bluebottles

With many thanks to the greenhouse effect, I can sit in the lux con with two of the the sides up, basking in 31 degrees C. Step outside and it’s about 21…

However, there is a down side. Because it’s so rare for it to be warm in the UK, on the odd day that it is, all the critters come alive at once in abundance. So instead of getting steady numbers all summer, a nice day causes an explosion of the darn things.

Hence I am not alone in here, I’ve been joined by FIVE bluebottles zooming about in a frenzy. Newly hatched, forget the expert fly swatting sandal, they’re as fast as lightening. In fact there’s one sat on my laptop screen now… Alas, tapping on the keyboard doesn’t seem to bother them.

I know you must be thinking about the fact that there’s an even greater variety of critters in a hot country, so how will I survive? Well we’ve been to hot countries in summer before, (including Spain) and basically, the local varieties don’t like me. But mosquitoes absolutely adore Dave…

However, there are answers to be found. He uses mint (flavour?) shower cream. Thankfully we humans can’t smell it afterwards, but mosy’s can, and they don’t like it.

Then there’s the “plug in” type of deterrent, a very clever device that uses a plug socket, much in the same way some air fresheners do. We have one for each storey of the house, so that makes three. They too don’t smell of anything to us, but certainly keep those critters outside, without puffing artificial stuff into the air every 15 minutes.

In addition there’s external plug sockets on every balcony and terrace. So wherever we’re sat can be a critter free zone.

Beyond shower wash and effective technology, it’s all down to the good old fly swat isn’t it? Not much use when mosy’s use “stealth mode” to get out and about though.

I can truly say with confidence, wherever we may wander in a HOT country, the critters do a U-turn when they smell see us coming…

Seven weeks time we’ll be there, {HOME} Just over eight weeks time our newly wed son, his wife, and one of our grandsons will be joining us. Can’t wait…

Party time in the sun, bring it on…! Party smile Sun

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