Spain Drain at the World Cup

We sat down last night to watch our adoptive country thrash the Dutch…

I’m not really into football, but I do know Spanish teams divide and conquer in spectacular fashion. The Spanish people love the beautiful game and rightly so, they can be proud. Even when top teams such as Real Madrid /  Barcelona / Atletico Madrid are playing, the roads are empty…

So what went wrong yesterday? HOW TO: Crash and burn in style. Thrashed by 5 goals to 1, and rightly so. They never had the upper hand and lost opportunities they would normally seize upon. Jeez, I suspect even England could play better than that, well we’ll find out tonight…

No doubt there’ll be many a post mortem going on in Spain today. I can see it now, crowds of people sat outside bars and restaurants in shock, discussing what went wrong and why. Guaranteed they’ll consider it as the whole country’s humiliation. Not just the 11 guys running up and down a football pitch…

Here in England however, it’s the complete opposite, at least we don’t have to suffer any of that. Yes people love football, but with reference to the World Cup it’s all a bit tongue in cheek these days. Time and time again the English team has failed to impress anyone. So there’s been a lot of scepticism and criticism, to the point of taking the p*ss in the last few weeks.

On the bright side, hope and a bit of luck are always there, as a desperate last resort for anyone still in cloud cuckoo land…

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