A Corker of a Father’s Day card

From ME to HIM, and he’s not my dad. It’s Hallmark’s fault, making a profit out of inventing cards that make us all feel they’re necessary, when they aren’t.

So even though this card appears to bear no relation to today’s significance, it says:

“Happy Father’s Day” {inside}


He He…

My darling dearest also got some laugh out loud cards from “the kids” too, which is supposed to be what Father’s Day cards are all about. But over the years spouses are now beholden to join in. [Dave would be in peril if he forgot Mother’s Day, or even had to be reminded]

However, it is a compliment that your other half appreciates good mothering / fathering skills, and that’s what card manufacturers have played on.

After all it wouldn’t be appropriate if Aunty Ethel had to send Uncle Arthur a Father’s Day card for being a good husband to her sister would it?

I mean that would open up the floodgates to cousins twice removed and even neighbours, but nobody would wade through them surely?

“Now card number 32 is for them that live at number 44, don’t know their names, but it’s the done thing.”

{Sad reality is: “Them at number 44” got divorced several years ago}

But nobody knows that, because people who live in houses in the UK rarely speak to the neighbours anymore. There has to be good reason, the likes of: “Your drainpipe’s leaking and water is gushing down my wall, can you sort it out please?”

All this means that the next generation of unnecessary cards might well include categories the likes of:

  • Happy Divorce!
  • Happy Divorce Anniversary!
  • Love thy neighbour. [Exclusive to UK house owners, intentionally left blank]
  • Congratulations on passing your 6 monthly dentist check up!
  • Hope you recover soon after breaking that fingernail.
  • Thank you for sorting the drainpipe.

The guys on the marketing team at Hallmark are losing millions here.

Never mind,, the likes of Farcebook and E cards will eventually put them out of business anyway…

No sympathy card…

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