Treading Water?

It’s over two months ago since we ordered the new front screen, and we’ve been informed it’s ready and waiting to be fitted.

Sat in the lux con here, when I look up on high, this is the “view” at the moment. Can’t get the whole thing in, but it’s not a pretty sight:

All the clutter is Dave’s mess while he’s busy with other things…


Two weeks ago we were told it would be replaced next week (that’s last week).

A week ago we were told it would be Monday or Tuesday at the latest, well it’s Tuesday today.

So Dave rang yesterday, and it’s now “this Thursday or Friday.”

Marine ply wood, toughened safety glass and three windows at the front rather than two. Hope stands proud for the finished product. We understand it must’ve taken a while to create, but these delays are painfully frustrating when each time sounds like a promise.

On the bright side:

  • The “back bit” is complete and finished, certainly shows up the “front bit” anyway!
  • In this day and age, if the company is so busy it’s a sign of good craftsmanship, and customers happy with the finished product. (Eventually).
  • They were recommended to us by another reputable joiner we know.    

Poor TT, she’s been sat with an eye missing for over six months now. Four of which we were in Spain, so there was nothing we could do about it. Then another two months waiting for major surgery.

Mind you, she’s been “pampered” a lot in other ways during these past eight weeks, dare I call it spa treatment?

FACT, not promo: Slowly turning into a “show boat” for a new owner…

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