Must be Harry The Heron’s cousin

So we’ll call him Hector:

Here he is sporting a spectacular balancing act on a boat’s back bumper…


“Look, I can even stand on one leg too…”


Now the thing is, heron’s aren’t supposed to like boats or marinas, but occasionally the odd brave one stops by for a good old nosy. Notice that he isn’t even looking for a fish – just sussing the place out…

I haven’t seen a spectacle like this since Harry landed on TT’s roof in August 2008. Also being nosy rather than fish hunting.

Get out on the canal and they play a game of “catch me if you can.” When the boat gets close they take off and land further down, always just out of camera range.

The game continues till they get bored of proving they can travel faster. Then they just bugger off without even a mention of “Adios me amigos.”


The swan family also came round for a visit today, here they are paddling down the side of a boat behind us…


Perhaps they know TT (or me) from our introduction at the pumpout station. What they didn’t realise was that here at our mooring they can’t get into the gap at the side of us from the other side of the pier.

Clever feathered friends or not so canny, they never cease to amaze…

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