Monsters from the Deep

Dave noticed two HUGE carp basking in the sun yesterday. So we took some photos, most of which were useless because the camera screen was also basking in the sun.

And being as we were stood on a pier, it was best not to start searching for better angles of trajectory.

In other words it was a case of “point and shoot” without a clue as to where…


You can just make out the mid-section of the other BIG bugger, on the right here…


A fin and a feather…



Meanwhile, back on dry land: Mr Carpenter is here today doing the front screen. It’s become obvious to us what a slow, pain-staking process this kind of job is. There’s much more to it that just ripping the old screen off and bunging the new one in.

When the screen blew out all those months ago, it warped the frame slightly. Not enough to visually notice, but we could see how it was lifting at one side. It too had to have supporting wood screwed into it before we tootled off to Spain. Which made the whole lot practically useless as a template.

So moving on a couple of months, with the new screen now built and ready:

  • All the new “surrounding” wood has to be made to sit “true” both below it, and inside the lux con before the new screen can even be tried on for size.
  • All connections to the roof of the lux con (and there’s a fair few) will have to be refitted EXACTLY in the right places when the new screen is in situ.

As I’m typing this, the old screen plus all bits and pieces are sat on the jetty. What a right old mess!

Photos of the transformation to follow…

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