On Pause Again

If I say I’m going to do something for someone else, I mean it. Aside from a plague of locusts getting in the way, or being fashionably late to my funeral, reliability is an important asset in life and it’s free. (No medal required).

However, some people say one thing and mean another. Why??? If you can’t do it, don’t say it, rocket science doesn’t apply.

“Mr Carpenter” was supposed to be back here today to finish off. We were even given a time to be ready, but alas we got a last minute text to say it would have to be tomorrow. During this long and painful process it’s the fifth “put off till later” date so far…

Honestly, this is worse than trying to get an appointment to see a doctor in the UK. The NHS has had so many cutbacks from the MORON government it’s as inept as they are.

All I can say is “Mr Carpenter” best be here tomorrow, else with power tools in abundance he might be in need of the NHS himself…

To be fair, he’s done a brill professional job, as shown by the photos yesterday, except for two things:

a) The finishing touches, (we knew about).

b) Some connections to the lux con don’t quite meet up precisely and will have to be adjusted. Hence we’ve got the roof up at the moment but no sides.

However, we should’ve tested that before he’d gone. But it was getting late, and thick black clouds were rolling in on the longest day of the year, 21st JUNE. HA! Nothing new there then. Be nice if they were adjustable. Excuse satirical titter…

No kidding, the pier lights came on before 8pm and it was DARK…

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