Rain Interrupts Play at Wimbledon

Wimbledon Interrupts BLOG…

Only centre court was in business today (with the roof over) because it’s been pissing down, what’s new? Felt sorry for the crowd sat on Murray Mountain. Cold and soaked, wet through, with brolly’s up, they stayed put to watch Raffa on the GIANT screen outside.

[Just a reminder: Three days to go and it’s December July. Spoken with much sarcasm] 

Meantime I was sat inside the warmth and comfort of the boat, watching from my front row seat facing the TV.

With camera in hand. Why? Because I had you in mind, aw…




WON IN STYLE! Job done, and the crowd goes wild…



I reckon he’s going to win the championship…


Phew, it’s knackering for spectator’s too.

Of course there’s also Andy Murray Mint to monitor. So blog time is limited, suspended?

Hope HE isn’t…

Poor lad, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders after our dismal performance in the world cup, and so has Nadal…

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