Get Me Out Of Here

Can you believe this?

This afternoon we suddenly heard the dulcet tones of a brass band in the distance. What? Where? Why?

So we went outside for a nosy. All the boats near us had question marks hanging in the air above them, and the holiday home cottages beyond were full of astonishment.

Spot the trumpets…


Ah, it wasn’t a noisy mirage after all…


Of all the places to park a brass band on this marina, why over there? Even the old gem “out of sight, out of mind” doesn’t fit right, because they were still within earshot. Consequently a good two thirds of boats on the marina (with question marks aloft) wouldn’t be able to suss out where all the action was.

As far as location is concerned it would’ve been a much better idea to park up “over yonder” outside the cafe, where they could truly promote their musical talent and prowess to one and all – and get noticed. Then again if it was considered bad for business they might’ve had a restraining order placed upon them.

Yes, the cafe was packed today both inside and out, get a weak ray of sunshine here and people emerge from the gloom en masse. Innocent folks in need of a nice quiet relaxing day without crumpets trumpets being on the menu. If the brass band turned up there I can imagine a stampede, with everyone grabbing their teapots and running for the hills.


If you live abroad and have been watching Wimbledon towards the end of this week thinking how lovely the weather was, don’t be fooled. It only applied to the south east area around London. 

I kid ye not, this is what the rest of the country north of Watford was blessed with at the exact same time:

Notice the pier lights on in the distance at 6.30pm…


Taken from inside the dry, safe confines of the lux con…



Which just goes to prove my theory that in the UK nowadays, the sun only shines on the rich and famous.

Note: Speaking of the lux con, everything’s painted and finished and the roof’s back in place. Perfect fit too. Will post some photos of the back end masterpiece when I’ve Dave’s got round to cleaning the windows of masking tape residue.

So, if all goes to plan she should be up for sale by the end of the week. But seeing as it’s one of OUR plans, it could well be the week after…

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