A Cheesy Moon with Airport Transfers Sorted

But which airport was it landing at???

The small light at the bottom of the photo is on the marina…


In airspace terms it was bordering on a near miss, in “planet space terms” it probably wasn’t.

Still, it looked quite spectacular, so it was worth slapping a photo on here.


Well I must fly {mega naff puny pun} we’re in the midst of booking airport transfers both here and in Spain.

It’s all very simple really:

We’re going from the marina to East Midlands Airport. {Airport transfer # 1}

Then Alicante Airport to be picked up and dropped off at our house. {Airport transfer # 2}

Six weeks later – the same in reverse. {Airport transfers 3 and 4} Pretty straightforward in the grand scheme of life. Proven to go to plan in the past.

If you’re still awake – there’s more. During our time at home, one of our son’s and his family are coming to stay for almost two weeks. Yee Haa, can’t wait!

So this time there’s even more number crunching to do:

They’re sorting their Airport transfers {1 and 4} to and from Bristol Airport. And we’re sorting their Airport transfers {2 and 3} from Alicante Airport to our house – and back again.

See, I told you it was simple…………………..

Fast forward a bit and I can see them arriving after we’ve gone.

Anyway, we’ve hired the Brass Band from Sunday’s blog post just in case we do all meet up on time, and the champagne will be on ice. So we’ll see who slides under the glass table on the roof terrace first…

 Martini glass Martini glass

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