Competing for Third Arm Status

Isn’t it strange, when I don’t blog it feels like my third arm is missing. If that sounds a bit sad, I do have a life away from here, and manage quite nicely with just the usual two upper limbs.

However, if god forbid, I spilt diet coke on my laptop I’d have to go out IMMEDIATELY and buy a new one. [Then remove Windows 8.1, reformat, and install Windows 7] End result: Dislocated shoulder joint of the third arm replaced… Why bother doing all that? Because Dave’s got Windows 8 on his, and believe me IT’s thick as two short planks.

In total contrast, when I’m doing “boat work” one hand feels like it’s tied behind my back. 

Today was the bedroom’s turn. Believe me, I’m an expert at undressing a boat for interior photos. The experts would call it dressing, but in this case it’s the former. Things have to be different aboard TT.. There’s storage boxes and other stuff waiting to go in more storage boxes in there. Also the (glass) windows needed cleaning inside and out, plus the doors at the front. PLUS removal of a layer of dust on the furniture itself, which has been sat there whilst we’ve been having all the work done. (Still on-going at the bow outside).

In case you’re wondering how shameful that must be, recent renovation outside = shit being trodden through and collected everywhere, so what’s the point cleaning? However, I’ve risen above it now that the toil of major tarting up for a new buyer is nearly finished.

Outside is Dave’s and the professionals domain, inside is mine and it’s just as tedious, ESPECIALLY this time. (The last EVER time?) Cupboards and drawers are slowly emptying of personal stuff, and at the same time shininess is slowly returning… It’s deceptive really because even though there’s been a layer of crap on everything, this boat never looks “dowdy.” It’s only when the dusters are deployed that “one” notices. So I’m tackling each room individually, which means tomorrow sometime soon, it’s the bathroom’s turn…

When we lived in a house, one of my friends round the corner used to say:

“So I went through the house yesterday and gave it a good topping and bottoming.”

Always used to make me laugh, first time she said it I wondered what the heck she meant. I’m guessing for a boat the equivalent might be something like:

“So I went through the boat yesterday and gave it a good topping (above the waterline) and got little men in to black the bottom (below the waterline) a few weeks ago.”

Note: You’d think there’d be more to a house – alas not…! I mean when did you last have your foundations blacked? No don’t answer that.

Exception: I’ve got three storey’s to deal with in Spain, plus all the outdoor space, could end up spending the rest of my life on hands and knees. Or stuck with a mop as a third arm and a hosepipe as a fourth…

So there’s another category, a toppin’ a middlin’ and a bottomin’

Yes, it’s already been noted that if a single hair drops from someone’s head onto a marble floor, it glistens LOUDLY at you. Whatever else “one” is doing the eye keeps getting drawn towards the darn thing. So however long it does or doesn’t take to be disposed of, it immediately gets replaced with another one sat looking at you from somewhere else.

I don’t even think a shaved head with a wig would sort it, unless the latter (or both) were made of carbon fibre…

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