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The Lid Opened on a Bad Day


Why is it if I mess up aboard this boat it’s always in spectacular style?

Let me set the scene, over the past couple of days I’ve been cleaning inside so she shines for a prospective buyer. Even did the carpet in the bedroom with that foam stuff, and the horrific job of cleaning the oven with some different foam stuff. [Cough]

It took longer than expected as these things do, but well worth the end result…

So this morning after arising from my pit I went to grab my plastic cereal container full of muesli and raisins. Here it is:

Innocent till proven guilty…


The contents looked a bit uneven, (too many raisins up top), so I gave it a shake. The lid flew off and the contents, including dusty bits exploded EVERYWHERE…

But my gleaming kitchen? My gleaming saloon? I could have cried, well I did, then slapped the side of the boat HARD and shouted those delicate words:


Sabotage that’s where it stems from, to the point of being truly unbelievable, because the situation got even worse. Whilst I was pulling a tantrum bordering on hysteria, Dave went to fetch the Hoover. But it wouldn’t suck anything up, what the??? Turned out the belt thing underneath had snapped – but it was working fine yesterday…

The lid’s never fallen off my cereal box before and there’s never been anything wrong with the Hoover. I can only surmise it’s a conspiracy thing. It HAS to be.

Another fine example of perfect timing is when the front screen blew out, the same day we were flying to Spain for four months, and that had never happened before either…

The theory what we’ve both come to realise is: TT doesn’t want us to go… So without being able to do any technical damage, (too good, Ha). She’s intent on making a mess inside, the very day after a thorough deep clean for someone else’s benefit.

It feels like we’re in a catch 22 situation at the moment. There’s even an air of suspicion that our house in Spain has missed us so much, something drastic has happened over there. A small part of me is filled with trepidation about opening the front door when we get there in August…

Walking disaster zone caused by inanimate objects or not. Perhaps if the boat didn’t like us she’d behave herself. So I’ve just been inside and given her a stern talking to about not pushing humans too far…

Oh, and as an added extra on the gift list, the battery in my phone has died. Tested it yesterday and today, it lasts all of one hour… Great timing eh? They’ve just brought in all these new rules and regulations at airports, if your phone won’t switch on they can stop you from flying. And it’s Europe as well as the USA now. So for the price of a new battery, I might as well get a new phone, which means no SIM exchange either. They all use micro sims nowadays and I ain’t buying the same thickphone again!

Note: Dave’s phone won’t work outside the UK (weird but true), and his Spanish phone will need reactivating by now. That’s why mine is so important.

Perhaps if I’d stored it outside on the jetty rather than inside the boat…

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