Being ready for anything?

Well, the house is SHOUTING AT US to get back there.

The boat’s up for sail sale.

And we’re prepared for anything…

So Transition is the word of the day.

Be it good or bad, there’s always a word to describe (sum up) every day isn’t there?

Today’s been a good one, the front doors are open, the side doors are open, the lux con has a couple of sections rolled up, (with scope for more) and there’s a cooling breeze running through the whole boat. It’s times like this one thinks of warmer climes which stay that way for most of the year, without it being a blip…

At 3.30pm we saw a plane taking off from East Midlands airport, was it “our” plane? The timing was right.

I heard this old song on the radio the other day, it was pissing down at the time but never mind:

“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine, blowing through the jasmine in my mind.”

This kind of weather is so rare in the UK, the forecasters have even been issuing “warnings” on the news about what / what not to wear, using Factor 550,000 and drinking lots of water. Surely that’s just common sense, but hang onto the Eskimo suit for protection…

They’ll be issuing “Siesta’s” next along with a government health warning – just to cover their asses. (Scrap that, siesta’s are on the side of the workforce).

“Well, it wasn’t our fault Aunty Mabel burnt her essentials, she shouldn’t have been sun bathing in the nude.”

On that note I bid ye farewell, because we’re walking down the pub for a meal. Yes, it’s actually safe to do so, provided warm weather precautions are implemented in advance…

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