Underwater Clouds

Hmm, strange…

Be nice if that’s where they lived wouldn’t it…?




Talking of where things live. I’ve got a Broken News item to share:

It’s official, there’s now three of us live aboard this boat. Remember Celia the coot? Well not only does she still make the odd daytime appearance sat on the rudder, that’s where she sleeps overnight EVERY night too.

Under the cover of darkness she moved in as a silent stowaway and seems to think she owns the boat. The other night a duck tried to impinge on her territory. She threw a right old wobbler, laid down the law about the pecking order round here, and the duck scampered away dejected and embarrassed. Yes, surprisingly coots always win a run in with a duck. They might be smaller, but them feet are capable of extensive damage to feathers. Even a ducks bill is no contest for a coot’s pointy pecker.  

So now she’s been sussed, we’re charging a standard rate of fifty quid a night (goes up to sixty quid at weekends). Cheaper than a Premier Inn and it’s a nice little earner for us…

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