To pre book your seats online or not?

Dave’s getting spammed by the airline to pre book our seats. Yes, emails are flying into the inbox, (excuse), but we won’t be bothering with it on principle. Not because we begrudge £4.00 each. It’s about how much extra the BIG names are raking in from customers.

Whoever came up with the bright idea of making it so easy to nag the passenger till they cave in deserves “The best rip off of recent times” award.

Nobody can deny the convenience of booking flights online, wouldn’t surprise me if at some point or other booking a seat becomes compulsory with a £15 charge. “No pay, no way.” Which leaves you stood at security along with your mobile phone that wouldn’t switch on.  

Being “frequent flyers” of sorts we’ve noticed the change over the past few years. In the olden days of four years ago nobody used to bother booking seats. After all, you always got seats next to each other provided you were stood together when checking in.

Get to the desk and you’d be asked where would you like to sit? You’d be told about the “reserved” seats, ask to be over the wings and it would be a case of being shuffled back or forth a bit. No problem.

Fast forward to this year and the great “seat debate” has really taken off, (excuse again). Never to be forgotten: The truly bizarre performance we went through on our flight back here in March. Everyone must’ve discovered that if you don’t pre book, they stick you next door to the weirdest person on the plane. [Mandatory psychological assessment required at customs – another surcharge] However, people who openly admit to being weird might get fast tracked through so they can sit waiting to pounce…       

“Ha Ha, that’ll teach the rebels who don’t comply!”

Departures: “Sorry, you didn’t pre book, so we’ve got two seats left available, aisle 1 and aisle 33.”

Arrivals: Dave’s in Spain, I’m in Iceland. The lady wearing the silly hat forgot to say they were different planes…

(Might be forced to “cave in via spam” after all).

Just looked at the weather forecast for Monday 4th August:

Southern Spain = 32 degrees, full sun.

UK = Summer is over, it’s full on pissing down…

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