Phoning Home

I just got one of those crank PPI calls on my phone.

“Please listen carefully…”

Never gets beyond that because whilst belting forth expletives, one finger hits END CALL.

{The spam scam about airline seats is much more interesting}

I sent someone our Spanish address today, to my shame I can’t remember it, so had to dig out the paperwork first. And sat there with it in black & white was our phone number which I also can’t remember.

Ding Dong! Bright idea: Spam our home phone. Call us crazy but it was so uplifting to hear it ring, I put it on speakerphone and we both sat here beaming. Cheesy grins all round, and thankfully no-one answered…

Well a potential intruder would have had a bit of a problem getting in, it’s locked down like a fortress and a chainsaw would be required. Somehow I suspect the neighbours would be ever so slightly alarmed, as would the REAL alarm that La Guardia have on stand by.

In reality home-owners in the UK require that kind of security much more than we do…

Yes, La Guardia saunter along the main roads that are more like country roads to us Brits. Sat outside our favourite little bar, we see them wander past every now and again. Nice day (every day) for a leisurely patrol sat in an air conditioned car armed with guns.

See a cop car near our little peace piece of the world (which we haven’t yet) and it would be quite un-nerving to think that a hanging basket must’ve gone missing…They don’t bother doing the armed tourist thing up there, probably because we’re on a no-through road that’s off another no through road to nowhere. There’s a big beautiful valley in the way so it just sorta stops.

Our own road also comes to a halt because there’s our gorgeous swimming pool in the way and another valley beyond…

Ah, take me home, I’ve been watching that plane taking off from East Midlands at 3.30pm, (headed south) for the last couple of Monday afternoons now. If that sounds a bit sad, it certainly isn’t…!

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