The TT hall of fame, chapters 0.5 to 4.5

In no particular order, mainly because I can’t remember:

Claim to fame # 0.5: Why only half? Well the last time this boat was on TV the crew spent a whole day filming around the marina {we used to be moored at}. But when the programme went live, the frame stopped rolling just as they got half of TT on screen. Except thanks to the periscope, we knew they’d gone all the way round.

So there we were, eagerly sat watching on TV:

“Yep look, there it is, there it is, OUR PIER! {Names of boats we know} and it’s us next!!!”

Then: “WHAT THE…? OH NO, there’s only half the roof and half the side, cheeky buggers how dare they?”

Wouldn’t care but all the trouble we went to so as not to be seen in person, it was truly a day spent playing “dodge the cameras” at all costs. Everyone was. They must’ve thought the whole place was deserted…!

However there was one exception to the rule, there always is isn’t there? I couldn’t resist waving my arms and shouting “HI MUM” while the cameras were over the other side… (Well someone had to do it). 

Claim to fame # 1.5: This was the real deal. An American TV crew were filming a programme about the UK canal system. There they were, eight of them, surrounded by tons of equipment, stood on the towpath ahead of us. (Serious stuff). Except their faces gave away how much they’d fallen in love with the surroundings.

Then we heard “Oh what a beeeudiful boat, can we film you goin’ on paast?” Us: “Um, ok then.” They just had chance to let us know what they were up to. Then we were directed to “Wave at the camera as you go by.” So we did, it was only as they were shouting “Thianx and have a nice day” from behind us, I realised I’d got no make up on. {Horrors} I felt like asking for a retake. Oh the shame of my naked face exposed on a TV network across the US of A…

Claim to fame # 2.5: A four page spread in “Canal Boat” magazine, just after the good ship had been built. It was called “The Wider Option,” she was on the front cover too. [And took up most of it]

Claim to fame # 3.5: Another big spread in a local newspaper which also included a section about my blog. [No comment]

Claim to fame # 4.5: Miscellaneous requests from other official boaty websites for photos and a short write up. Well I can’t do short write ups, wouldn’t be able to fit all the words in.

Note: Aside from CTF 0.5, all of the above were requests from outside parties. No promo’s from me, I couldn’t be bothered. 

I also got an email last year from a TV company I’d never heard of wanting to do a “feature about TT.” But reading between the lines they were trying to promote their own programmes online, so I gave that one a swerve. Besides we were thinking about selling up by then.

I had a vision of me giving permission to film BOTH sides of the boat with “FOR SAIL SALE” signs in every window. Having seen right through this publicity stunt, (excuse) I suspected they must’ve had a massive audience of about three people. 1.5 of which were the producer and half the director, (too busy asleep on the job).

Potential Claim to fame # 5.0: Channel 4 are making a new TV series. It’s got something to do with lifestyles, and they’re filming on the boat next door to us. I suspect they might’ve got the other side of our boat in view several times, (and we’ve been hiding out the way again). So it could be another 0.5 jobby to round things up nicely.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, there’s an idea for my next award winning book…

“The process of selling a boat.”

Step by step guide, “HOW TO” series 5.5…

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