Going home at last!

Two days to go, and I’m feeling the glow…

Here’s Aunty Mabel, our personal baggage handler…


Bless her, she once met John Travolta on a dance floor – still hasn’t got over the occasion.

So, Adios Me Amigos, see ya in Sunny Spain…

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2 thoughts on “Going home at last!

  1. Hi Paul and Elaine,

    Thank you dear friends, sat outside 10.15pm here and it's still 28 degrees. Yummy! This area is beautiful. No road noise, posh area near La Zenia boulevard but back from it on a hill. To us, every day seems to be a Saturday here! I don't mean loud, just neighbours (from all over Europe) getting together socially at each others houses, but there's still no noisiness.

    Be great if you could eventually come and see us sometime in the future. Get to the boulevard and we'd show you the way. Back from the hustle and bustle and up hill a bit with great views of the med and hills full of (green) trees the other way, it's heaven. We didn't know this place even existed till our estate agent showed us, (we know them too so no silly business).

    Been reading and following your blog recently and been with you all the way. Special {hugs} to Elaine btw.

    Some friends here who are recently retired are doing the same thing as you. Going all over Europe in their motorhome. Still keeping their house here though!

    Sincere Best wishes to you both,

    Heth xx


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