OLA! Spanish Catch-up Written in Ingles, sorry English

Forgive me, I seem to have forgotten how to blog in my usual style, what style…?

The gorgeous weather has hovered around 32 – 35 degrees C since we’ve been here. It’s 10.30pm, we’re both sat outside in our nothings and it’s still up at 32. It’s set for 34 tomorrow, but translated = 36 knocking on 40, guaranteed.

Gallons of water and lots of Factor 50 means no sunburn and no dehydration. Don’t be fooled though, the temperature is set from as soon as the sun comes up till it goes down, no let up! One night we were sat outside eating tea. There’s an arched extension the full width of the house itself which sits out about 20 foot out and then an awning attached (optional) to it that reaches about another 30 foot to the balustrades at the front. So basically it’s an option to have ALL outdoor settees and chairs in shade. However, sit there with the sides up eating tea when the sun’s going down, and learn the hard way (to the right) with no sun tan lotion on, like I did the other night…  

I don’t like to sound smug, that isn’t my objective, but reality is what it is. We’re about 3 miles back from the Med, it’s visible from all three floors and we’re up hill a bit too (an hour’s drive south of Alicante). Look the other way and miles of green trees are the beginnings of a mountain. 

Oh it’s so quiet here even in August, there’s no bums and tits brigade to be found here! Mind you, it’s so hot during the day, “going incognito” is an option in our little community! (Not that anyone does), but us ladies sitting outside in bikini’s on our balcony’s is the norm. Which also includes walking down to the private swimming pool at the end of the road. (Tops 1 car per every 5 hours goes past our casa, it’s a dead end, with the pool in the way). RESIDENTS ONLY. I’ll post a photo of our gorgeous house when we move in for good, but not with me wearing a bikini. Come to think of it, honed and toned is the phrase. Don’t think I could ever eat chips or other fatty stuff again. Didn’t before we came here…

Every day is like a Saturday here, people from all countries sit outside, do a social get together every night without being rowdy. What a glorious lifestyle. Us Brits are few and far between but it doesn’t matter, we’re embraced as locals by folks from all over Europe, anything goes. Language barriers are crossed by sign language, oh what a laugh that is in a polite and respectful way.

Last night we went in the pool 8 to 9pm, it was like walking into a warm bath, but very refreshing! Oh and it was Saturday night, get this, there were just 8 of us in there. Great big pool, key fob required, pristine and exclusive…

Tonight we’ve worked hard getting this gorgeous house ready for our son and family flying in tomorrow. How we did that was to go out for a meal in our “local” bar about a mile away, then move a few paces up for a drink in the next one.

It’s a hard life…

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