The pool to ourselves on a Friday afternoon

Renamed “The Rowsell Pool” by Jakey. Our son and grandson have been here for the past week, and we´ve had a great time together. Hence the blog has been a bit neglected. What a whirlwind of fun and laughter!

Jake and dad ready for a dive bomb…




Coming in to land…


{Adults seem to be a bit fickle when it comes to who stays in and for how long} “So come on then, Jeremy the floaty thingy is waiting…”


Me and Jake playing silly buggers…


Out he goes for another solo dive bomb with me checking he doesn’t go out of his depth. He isn’t scared of water at all, but can’t swim properly yet. When he tries, he tends to head towards the bottom of the pool. Please don’t ask me exactly how that works, or doesn’t…


Turn away Heth if you don’t want “chlorine eyes.” (Tends to mess up the eye make up when “one” wants to go out for a posh meal with the family later…)


Well today has been yet another fun filled, action packed agenda. However it’s been quite poignant because Neil, and Jake fly back to Britland tomorrow. Goodbye’s are difficult to say, and at just a third of the temperature here, it’s going to hit them treble hard back in the UK…

Meantime we stay where we belong and continue to make our new home our own. Hi tech spec, fixtures and fittings etc, are more than we could have ever hoped for, and we would never change. But the odd picture here and there needs rearranging… Oh it’s such hard work…

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