Thought I’d do a screenshot or two of the weather we’ve been getting since we got here, and what’s in store for this week…

Screenshot alicante weather

So seeing as it’s Tuesday today, let’s concentrate on Tuesday…

Screenshot alicante weather 2

38 even?


Yes indeed it’s right up there and we’re sat in the shade out on the front terrace. However I ventured out this aft to put a tiny amount of clothes washing out to dry…

Even me unmentionables wanted to be in the shade…

2014-08-26 15.39.49 

Guaranteed it’ll still all dry faster than using the dryer itself…


On a different note it was my birthday yesterday – don’t ask, I’ve forgotten how old I am.

So we started off going for a walk, (bit on the chilly side at only 35 degrees C).

Then we called in at one of our fav cafe’s for a toasted sandwich.

Then we went to the shopping mall where my wonderful hubby bought me a gorgeous dress.

Then we sat sipping cocktails for a while.


2014-08-25 17.23.10

Then we went up to the third floor and ate paella whilst overlooking the Med and watching the posh yachts go by…

One of the best birthdays ever… Oh, and the hottest…!

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