Rush hour in Spain

No, No, to be fair this was Saturday evening, overlooking a toll road section of the motorway, as we Brits don’t know it…

2014-08-23 19.00.42

A real crush “rush hour” doesn’t happen anywhere here, why?

They have the luxury of well maintained tarmac, and a road network in very generous proportion to the number of cars on it. [Except on a Saturday night when it gets a bit ridiculous in a very nice way!]

  • Yes people have cars here.
  • Yes people have jobs.
  • Yes (unlike France and Germany who’re currently going down the pan) the economy here is ever so slowly growing.

Being cynical one could say that France and Germany are in trouble because of the knock on effect of bailing others out, including Spain. However this country is now paying off it’s debt, (unlike others), and the much discussed “second bailout” (deadline last September) wasn’t necessary.

So back on the road to somewhere good:   

Clear roads without potholes, without gridlock, and WITH sunshine. Just a thought for next time you’re stuck on the M6, or the M anything at any time, toll road section or not…

Look, two cars…!

2014-08-23 19.00.55

If the Spanish HAVE to go to Britland for any reason, they must feel truly claustrophobic when trying to get out and about…

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