Willing Participants

Brief Observation Mode:

Pull a word to pieces and it can create quite an interesting outcome, for example…

PARTICIPANTS = Joint ownership of a pair of trousers.

On that note I’ll get to the bottom of things the point.

Amidst yet another beautiful hot day here, off we went to the local Notaria with our solicitor to make our Spanish Wills. Yes as the sun shone down outside, there we were inside discussing the fine print of who pops their clogs first, and what happens next… Signed, sealed and delivered all the way to Madrid…

Why the rush to get this done? Well here in Spain joint ownership of a property means just that. In other words one person owns one half, and the other person owns the other half.

Thankfully you don’t have to nominate WHICH half, else it might cause an argument as to who wants the master bedroom / front room / biggest bathroom etc. etc. (Half a divorce lawyer on standby in the office next door). Joint ownership of a pair of trousers would be much easier to reconcile…

However, there is a serious side to all this. If a Will hasn’t been made and one partner pops their clogs earlier than expected, under Spanish Law the widow / widower is left owning just half the property. It can take years and huge solicitor bills to take full ownership, and till that happens there’s heartache and not being able to live here for more than six months a year to deal with.

They also like the Will to include the same details as the one in the country of origin, so we made sure it does.

Better to be safe than sorry. So that’s another box ticked here.

Right that’s it, we’re off down to the pool, with armbands, lifebelt, lifejacket, flippers, snorkel, goggles, and half a piece of drainpipe just to be on the safe side…

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