Summer At Our Spanish House 2014

Oops, no nuts up here

Cyril the squirrel finds himself in a bit of a bind:

There we were, walking down a deserted country road, and there he was precariously placed and looking mighty confused.

“Blimey I was only trying to avoid those noisy cicadas for an hour or two, and look what darn well happened to me…”

2014-08-30 17.20.14

They don’t do traditional washing lines here, so he must’ve thought the electrical kind would make a good substitute. Thing is, they could potentially pack a punch, (no wonder his tail was flapping about).

Bless,, he should’ve tried out our area for a runabout. All utility supplies are underground, not an electricity pole to be seen. So he would’ve been much more safe and comfortable perched up a palm tree. No nuts though, they don’t do them sort here either.

Oh, and he’d still be able to hear whatever tune the cicada’s are playing – no “cicada siesta” for him.To us it’s a wonderful gentle hum in the background, but then again we don’t have to potter patter carefully through them…   

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