Oh No, Total Flip Flop Failure!

So there we were sat outside one of our favourite little restaurants. I moved my foot and the flip flop underneath it stayed put. Strange I thought? A quick glance confirmed all suspicion. So how was I going to get home? Fortunately there was a little shop nearby, one of those that sells all sorts of bits and pieces, (excuse pun).

Dave says: “Go and see if they’ve got any superglue.” {BRILLIANT IDEA} So I popped hopped in, slapped the useless object on the counter and said “Mi casa esta over yonder up there!” (Points in general direction). The guy giggled, so did I, laughter is a universal language. He offered me three tubes of LOCTITE in a sealed packet for 6 euros. {BRILLIANT SOLUTION}

More tittering…

Then he said: “Ah no senora, un momento” (walks with both his shoes intact to other side of shop) and picks up a pair of working flip flops. “Para tu, un euro cinquenta.” (For you, one euro 50 cents).

Well I was over the moon, I could walk again! He’d just had the best laugh all week, done himself out of four euros 50 cents and didn’t care…

“Todo bien ahora?” (All good now?) “Si, Si, Si, todo beuno!”

Saving a few euros wasn’t even relevant, so why was I behaving like I’d won the lottery?

Ex “designer” flip flop – four Euros a pair…



The one’s that got me home, as far as flip flops go they ain’t quite as pretty, but who cares…?


And he even put the rejects in a bag for me, now that’s what you call service with a smile cheesy grin…

In Britland they’d just sell you the glue with a grunt (at three times the price), and pretend they had no flip flops. (Also at three times the price).

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