It’s Official, Spain Forgets What Rain Is

Yes, Spain has broken all records this year for the longest amount of time without any rain. There’s been nothing fallen from the skies since we were last here in March, and moved into our newly purchased palace – then HAD to go back to Britland for various reluctant reasons.

One of our friends told us about it when we got here in early August, and since then it’s been officially verified as such.

Seems like the sun waits and shines down on the righteous eh? Hmm, not sure about the honourable bit but never mind…

Even so, it comes as a surprise to us rain sodden Brits that there’s no drought goes with it. Why? Because the HUGE mountains and hills in central Spain have reservoirs situated high up where it does rain, and they don’t run dry. So yes the millions of swimming pools here remain full, and there’s no such thing as a hosepipe ban. Demographics that work in human favour,, again…

There was a minor disaster when we arrived at the house though, one of the irrigation systems had stopped working altogether, and the other was only of any use to about four plants. No, it wasn’t due to lack of water! It was down to the fact that they’ve both got different controller settings, and believe me they aren’t easy to work out. In fact it’s on a par with Windows 8. Designed so important maintenance requirements “under the hood” of the pretty API are hidden out of sight to us tech nerds. Shovel required, dig up the O/S and the compost…

So we got it wrong, on the upside though someone informed us to keep watering the knackered ones (even the burnt, yes burnt) cactuses “and most of them will come back.” Knock me down, they have done! It’s also helped that I’ve been able to adapt my extensive knowledge of gardening skills to a different climate. (Fact not fiction).

However seemingly unimportant in the grand scheme of life. Blow “one’s” own trumpet while “one” can and all that.

I’ll take some photos of the “newly refurbished” plantation and post them to you when I get chance. Life’s pretty hectic at the moment, going down to the pool, dipping in and out, whilst also lying on a sunbed and dipping in an out of a detective novel. Tomorrow night’s rock night down at the mall, think I might wear my new dress being as we won’t be here this time next week. (Extremely sad face).

I started with the weather so on a final note, there was a spectacular thunderstorm here the other night. “Oh hello, here comes the rain” we thought, but no, it was just a stunning light show. No rain at all, no drop in glorious 29 degrees C temperature at 11pm, and no drop in humidity either. Wonderful…

We’ve heard from people that thanks to global warming, the hot weather in Spain over the past four years now lasts an extra month either side of the traditional summer. Which leaves a very short winter indeed.

We suspected as much. Some people in Britland try to convince themselves that global warming isn’t happening. Because in contrast to what the experts say, it’s colder and rainier most of the time there. What the sceptics seem to ignore is the fact that the UK is a tiny island surrounded by water that IS warming up as predicted. Warmer water rises into the atmosphere, (precipitation) and dumps it down as rain where there isn’t enough land to absorb it.

Here on the other hand it’s going drier and warmer for longer, and water temperature in the Med isn’t an issue.

Billions of euros saved, because there’s no need to deal with the financial burden of devastating weather, and it’s impact on infrastructure.

The weather dictates lifestyle, everywhere…

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