Oh How Cruel!

Well, we very reluctantly fly back to Britland on Wednesday. As I sit here beyond 11.30pm Spanish time, writing this OUTSIDE in total comfort. It’s still 30 degrees, (as is the norm) till about 2am. Smug face. Then 25 degrees to 23 C is the lowest it goes, usually around 4am in the morning for an hour or so.… And it still hasn’t rained since March.

Check this…

Alicante weather

Compare night time temperatures here in Spain with daytime temperatures in Derbyshire UK…


Britshit weather

No contest…

I honestly don’t know how we’ll cope back there, but with stove ablaze on the boat, we’ll be on a mission to get out of the UK for good. Tying up loose ends is our main aim, and it’s a big one when you’ve lived there all your life…

It’s not all about the weather here in Spain, it’s the cosmopolitan, laidback, outdoor lifestyle, and freedom from the treadmill of life in general. Having both worked hard all our lives, now retired, we’ve experienced the difference between the two and it’s a real eye opener… 

Britland is now an over populated island run by a dickhead with a corrupt government, who have collectively proved too many times that everything’s all about London. Sadly that isn’t going to change in our lifetime, even if the governing body does. They’re all incompetent, full of false promises, and for us plebs there is no voice.

Hey, I don’t doubt that there’s corruption amidst the elite here, including all other European countries and beyond. The difference is that the balance of this slowly growing economy in Spain is countrywide (with different regions moving more quickly than others). It isn’t perfect, recovery everywhere at once can’t happen that way. But the main thing is, it’s widespread and on more equal terms.

Even our house is now worth slightly more than we bought it for in March. Realistically it will take much longer here to slowly recover. We all know this country was hit much harder by the financial crisis. Yet in 2013 growth started to climb out of the abyss, and last year Spain managed to avoid a second bailout in September. It was on the agenda for a while, even so, the upwards climb will be slow but steady…

You can’t help but admire the speed at which Spain is recovering from a seemingly bottomless pit, and it isn’t too fast for a “housing bubble” to occur…

Oh yes, we’ve done our homework, and this country doesn’t have as many uncontrollable (too expensive to pay for) outside factors to deal with.

AND the health service here surpasses anything that London, (the centre of the world, without any respect from the rest of us) has to offer. Which comes from personal experience of “worst of the worst” outside the capitol, and that’s the best it gets. 

I’m beginning to wonder if I should get a backhander from the Spanish tourism board!

Except this isn’t about tourism, it’s about the truth of living here compared to what we know. And, of course an excellent backup team of solicitor and accountant is the key. They’ve helped a huge degree to make our move possible, real, and stress free. We now know the Spanish legal system well, with help to hand on small details.

Basically, aside from family and friends, the UK is now an alien country to us both…

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