Back Afloat Again

We arrived back here in the UK a couple of days ago…

Not happy, we’d rather be “treading” on our marble tiles in Spain than water, but what will be will be. We’ve decided to put all our personal “stuff” in Storage and Removals, simply because we now consider our house in Spain as home. Yet golden times aboard TT will always remain in our hearts forever.

Our life afloat has been a wonderful era for us, one we’ll never forget. An alterative lifestyle that we’ve both enjoyed for many years, and made many good friends along the way. But it’s not for us anymore. Things change, circumstances change, while people remain the same.

Occasionally a light can shine in front of you, one that you never expected, yet with serious research / homework it can become brighter than you thought. Enough to open up the mind, reach out and attain… If it isn’t a viable option you don’t give it a second thought, just switch the light off, it’s easy. Who’d want to be Bill Gates anyway? Too much stress.

When we HAD to shut the shutters and lock down the house to come back to Britland, we could hear her screaming, “Don’t leave me, Don’t leave me!” And our airport transfer guy turned up 20 minutes early! Agghh! We weren’t ready, and still had to run round with last minute jobs to do.

Oh she looked so forlorn, all locked up like a fortress even when there’s no crime there. It’s how we felt too, sat in the taxi neither of us could look back, yet we felt we were in handcuffs…

The flight to the UK was an emotional crap ride with no traditional air turbulence required. It’s awful watching clear blue skies, the warmth and sheer beauty of a country bathed in sunshine slowly disappear. The front of the plane left the ground and I wished for the back end to stay put, happens every time… 

From experience, the sky gradually looks worse the further north we go. From northern France upwards the cloud cover thickens. Just to add to the mixed feelings the plane took off over the true blue Med before making a huge turn… A nice sightseeing tour when coming into land, but torture when taking off.

As Dave the retired plane engineer here will comfort me with: “It’s all about the wind direction as to which way they take off and land.”

WHAT WIND? (They must have a default setting).

Whilst being modest about it, he reckons he could land a plane in an emergency, of which I have no doubt. Over the many years of education he’s passed on, I reckon I could too. Difference is, we’d be doing a U turn back to Spain…

Oh the irony, we always fly there and back on an airbus 320 or 321. Over many years, those are the planes he built wings for. It doesn’t have to be mentioned, and rarely is. But I often think to myself his wings could be keeping us up in the skies…

Back to reality, we actually hit 21 degrees here today, some people were wearing shorts! Even the swimming pool in Spain averaged 6 degrees warmer than that, (and sea temperature too).

It was still an extremely pleasant 28 degrees at two am in the morning there…

For anyone who doesn’t like the heat at night. The secret is to open the triple glazed doors, shutters up (with cast iron grills locked outside of them). Then use one of three different settings on the ceiling fan, whilst lying stark naked on top of the bed. TMI yet Awesome.

If absolutely necessary, air con is a backup option…

So for us, it’s jeans, socks, slippers and a jumper over the top of a T shirt now. I even feel like a scarf is required outside. At least inside the boat is warm and cosy, but we’re outdoors people… 

So good night, god bless dear reader.

Meantime, we’ll have the electric blanket on the highest setting, in fact it’s already done, and we’re not planning on snoring any time soon…       

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