TT is losing weight FAST

Over the past few days we’ve been putting things in “storage and removals.” Only our personal stuff, but the word ONLY has proven not to shine a true light on just how much there actually is…

We’re leaving all fixtures, fittings and furniture, but miscalculated the shed loads of our own possessions to send off to Spain. Oh dear, what an under estimation that was.

This is a BIG boat with lots of storage space. I mean it’s not like drawers and cupboards were spilling forth with garbage. Everything essential was neat and tidy right? Ho Hey, eat your words.

As I learned when we moved from house to boat, there’s a fine line between what you DO need and what you DON’T. It’s only when a chuck out is required you wonder why you kept two spare irons, bits from the OLD shower, kids games with missing pieces, and rolls of wallpaper (as if a match up would ever happen) etc.

Let’s face it, if your technically superior iron blew a gasket, never mind “old faithful’s” you’d go out and buy a new one wouldn’t you? 

So this afternoon I’ve been wading through almost 4000 shiny photos from before the digital era, it took 5 hours. They’d been safely ensconced in a storage box under the bed since 2008. (Previous to that they’d been safely ensconced in a cupboard above the bed at the house). And when one starts the process of “save or throw” they seem to date back to the year 1652, or thereabouts.

Dave: “You really don’t need all of those.”

Me: “Oh yes I do, I’m not going anywhere without them. {Nag on} Oh ok then, I’ll go through them all.” Dam.

But what I discovered was that there’s so much crap in there, aside from saving ALL those of “the kids” (the youngest of which is now 30) and their kids. Which are precious…

Photos of “views” from our time in Florida seemed all the same. So did “views” from here in the UK and many countries we’ve visited.

I kept some others {reasonably} intact though, like our “wild time” in Tunisia on honeymoon. Other weddings also included, except the one’s where there’s only an arm or a leg in the picture. So I’ve now got it down to about 1000. Oh come on, not bad when three quarters have been shredded – all bloomers…

Then there’s vases and other pretty ornaments, why keep the wooden duck with it’s beak in tatters, all because a friends dog belted it across the kitchen two years ago?

Or the glass dingly dangly things when the false silver effect round them has gone, um, false to look at?

One has to be ruthless about rubbish that you thought wasn’t, till it proves to be such when storage boxes move in and take over.


NOTE: The original name of this blog post was going to be:

Superstition and Blogging do not mix well…

Cryptically speaking, how can you write about something bigger than storage issues, when duck tape is required on the keyboard for none disclosure? Well because:

During our 30+ years together, (really that long?) Oh My. We’ve both observed on several occasions that “letting the cat out of the bag” before something planned actually happens, is a dead cert for everything to go ass about tit big style…

Basically neither of us are superstitious at all, but when it comes to “sharing” before the event, forget it. We’ve learned the hard way.

So here’s a small hint: Check out the blurb, top right under the photo of TT. I’m guessing you’re guessing what she’s guessing and we know…

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