Storage Issues. What is and What’s not

After some consideration I’ve come to the conclusion that my other half was right. Aunty Betty’s vase from 1935 really won’t “go” with the house. (It didn’t even “go” with the boat either). Same applies to the box full of nick knacks from the 1980’s… Remember when collecting miniature rabbit / teddy bear families / posh country houses was vogue? So why are they going to Spain (still hidden in a box) in 2014?

They just won’t match or “fit in” with anything. Fully furnished, the house is also adorned with traditional Spanish ornamental stuff, and there aren’t any gaps need filling…

So when it comes down to a contest between Aunty Betty’s multi-coloured vase with a crack in it, there’s no contest.

Traditional Spanish colours: White, yellow, brown, red.

Traditional TT colours: White, blue.

Note: Blue isn’t allowed in Spain except on hand painted flowerpots outside. Oh and some flowers too.

Hence we took a load of stuff into storage today, and half of it’s coming back again, to be professionally distributed and probably rejected between family and friends.

So we’re in the process of tying up loose ends and packing up our whole life in the UK. In practical terms it isn’t easy. But we knew it wouldn’t be.

Just to add to the chaos my bank card has died. Apparently the magnetic strip has been damaged. My fault, I bung it in with my keys in a zip pocket of my handbag. Lesson learned! But it’s going to be FIVE working days before I get a replacement. So to prevent any future friction between the two items, I’ve cut up one of my old purses with card sections in. No more arguments between them, and there’s no need to carry round a purse the size of a brief case. Which also avoids the potential of a dislocated shoulder being on the menu.

There is some good news though, we’re amazed at the price of delivery, it’s half what we expected because we’re “sharing the load” with other folks stuff on an arctic lorry. The longest it will take to get there is two weeks! Just shows how many other savvy peeps are moving on out from the UK…

Knowing our luck we’ll end up with someone else’s vase from Aunty Mildew Mildred. No, No, to be fair we’re using a top notch company with an excellent record. EXCEPT there’s no way a lorry that BIG will fit down our little road…    

Just hope they remember to bring a fork lift truck. I have a vision of all our neighbours (from the four corners of the world) stood in a line, passing our belongings from one to the other to our house – with a big party going on afterwards… 

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