Yes, that surreal feeling is starting to move creep in now, even though in Heth’s world nothing’s set in stone till, in this case, a deal is done.

In parallel terms: You must already be aware that any good fortune presented to us, even a banquet table feast comes with the likes dislikes of free discarded peas or gravy glue on the floor. Two hours, or even two days earlier the plop slopped off someone else’s plate and sat there waiting for us. On one occasion I even walked back to the boat with another person’s pea stuck to my shoe…

{They clean up quick smart in Spain} But from experience no-one seems to leave the same MESS as Brits.

Anyway, we’re now living “out of a suitcase” (without second hand vegetables) and god knows what the future will work out to be…

Still can’t get carried away though, I’ve just had a vodka and coke. Nicely presented without gravy…

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