Getting friendly with Madrid

Got an email from our solicitor in Spain today, to let us know our WILLS have now been logged / stored forever and ever (Amen) in Madrid.

You’d be amazed at just how many documents they hold in the Spanish capitol that belong to Heth and Dave. Hundreds of miles away from our casa, anything official goes there. Well it’s better than storing them in Benny’s dorm amidst the bums and tits brigade?

Somehow it makes you feel safe and secure that everything’s all in one place. Get an excellent local solicitor and accountant, so everything’s in TWO places. Well double whammy…

Big extra: If you’re fortunate enough to be able to pay for a property without a mortgage. Forget the horror story’s, they don’t exist if you go “by the book.”

As for the minor details of “unknown minor details,” with a great team in place, questions are answered and money doesn’t go down the pan.

It was almost two years ago that we got our NIE numbers (equivalent of National Insurance) and that was the start of us looking at hundreds of properties within the area we wanted to be.

By the time we bought our casa we could spot a “bad build” from a good one a mile off. It came as quite a revelation to us that very few of those we looked at were dodgy in that sense. The majority of those we rejected just weren’t for us, or over priced for what they were. That’s another thing to be aware of.

We ended up two hours drive SOUTH of where we started, at the southern end of Costa Blanca. (No buildings allowed over three storeys high). Wonderful. Forget the wind tunnels between the sky scrapers of Benny’s Dorm that rival Chicago…

Where the buying process goes wrong: Well anyone who’s bought a plot of land from a private vendor to build on, or someone posing as such, then had their house torn down a few years later hasn’t done their homework. I have no sympathy. They’ve naively bought a plot of land that is illegal to build on,, from a third party.

The con artiste legally purchases land as “Se Vende” (for sale) from the local council. Then legally puts it up for sale. They don’t even have to lie to the buyer about the fact that it can only legally be used as a garden or allotment and nothing else, just don’t say anything about it. So the buyer planning to build a gorgeous house has no idea, and there’s no come back…

The seller “did not know” what the buyer was planning to do. (Did really, but said nothing).

Many people and community’s are buying land legitimately and turning abandoned areas into beautiful parkland or allotments now. There are two valleys near us that have been transformed. But that’s as far as it goes, no building allowed.

So, the naive buyer comes along and buys the plot, unbeknown to them it’s illegal to build on. [Go to the local council and find out first???]

Yes, the property is built and lived in for several years, BUT every 4 to 6 years each council does an audit of land. The beautiful villa with a swimming pool that’s off the radar shouldn’t have been built where it is in the first place. Law is Law, don’t check out the legalities of it all, and Spain is to blame…?

We know of two different families who’ve bought (or rented) “dead land” adjoining their property. One as an allotment, one as a gorgeous garden, but they play buy the rules. Not even a shed is allowed. But irrigation is. End of.

So be aware, and visit the authorities before bricks and mortar go anywhere near a single plot of land…  

Hear about this on the news in Britland? It’s the same as building a bungalow on the M6…   

Even that would be Spain’s fault…

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