I haven’t said anything about this on here till now. There’s been a sale agreed with a buyer for TT since JULY.

We’ve bent over backwards, been messed about left right and centre, and they’d even paid for an out of water survey, which took place in August while we were in Spain! We were also asked if we’d take TT off the market because the sale was “truly agreed” after the survey came up trumps, so we did. Furthermore they had a widebeam mooring secured, and put down a deposit on our boat.

We were 90% sure that after they’d paid for a survey with nothing needing doing, and were paying for a mooring already. Hey, we were heading in the right direction…

Also, after being originally told that their house sale was going through nicely, it didn’t matter if it wasn’t sold, investments would cover the price agreed anyway. It was almost a sure bet to us (or anyone).

The outcome? Their house sale has fallen through, but, but, we were told about investments? It’s obvious now that everything depended on the sale of the house. It was a gamble that didn’t pay off for any of us and we were lied to.  

Previous to taking the advert for TT down on their behalf, we’d been bombarded with emails and phone calls from other interested parties, but stayed true to our word for the potential buyer’s sake…

Handover was supposed to be this Friday, and today we find out the buyers house sale has gone tits up. Consequently “fundaments” to fall back on were either a fallacy or invested with Tesco. 

So the good ship is back on Apollo Duck, ID number: 374449. We both feel like a couple of fools who’ve been taken for a ride. Well and truly driven under the water. We had so many plans with the move to our house in Spain for good…

I must be turning into an estate agent, after yesterday’s advice about NOT buying a plot of land to build on in Spain, it being a crazy idea and why. Today it’s all about trying to legitimately sell a boat in Britland and getting kicked in the teeth.

Sometimes a buyer’s enthusiasm can over-ride the practicalities of their own personal finance, and being in the right position to buy. (Literally).

We had the good ship up for sale last year for a short time before we went to Spain. A potential buyer came along then. But after a few weeks it became obvious they hadn’t thought through where they lived, and the fact that there are no canals anywhere nearby. So the boat would have to be moored miles away… (Duh) We as sellers didn’t care if it had to be moored in a field.

My message to anyone wanting to sell a boat is basically this: MAKE SURE IN ADVANCE A POTENTIAL BUYER ISN’T CURRENTLY RESIDING IN CLOUD CUCKOO LAND. Oh and don’t hang around for anything that arouses even a smidge of suspicion, such as playing for time or not answering phone calls.

After the devastating news, we contacted five of the people who’d sent enthusiastic enquiries. Since then four of them have bought a boat. One guy was quite upset, he’d given up on TT because we’d told him there was a sale in progress. Then gone and bought a boat last week, he mentioned there was a lot of work to do on it and wished he’d known about TT’s “fallout” before then. Just think, if we’d been aware of this just 10 days ago…

We’ve still to hear back from one guy who was very interested, but after all this time I bet he’s already bought one too.

To say we’re pissed off doesn’t cover it. We both feel like we’re well and truly cursed…

This won’t happen again, we’ll make sure of it.

“Back out before being sold out…”


  1. How disgusting. But as the saying goes, nothing is definite unless you have the cash or a contract signed.

    People's stupidiy never ceases to amaze me either (theirs not yours) – paying for a survey and mooring and knowing that the house sale isnt complete yet.

    Hopefully youll get another buyer but of course, it p*sses you around in the meantime and leaves you deflated.

    Hope otherwise you're both well x


  2. Hello you two,

    Thought you'd stopped blogging! Well nice to meet you again 🙂

    These things are sent to try us, as you know, some of us more than others!

    We'll start over tomorrow, but yeh it is truly deflating.

    Still can't believe how some people can get so carried away that they can't see sense. With no regard for the effect that their deception (to themself) can have on someone else.

    Oh no, I'm getting all mawdlin.

    Tomorrow is another day and all that bumf xx

    PS: Take care of that granite worktop!


  3. We did stop for a little while but back. And yes i know what you mean about it being sent to test us more than others.

    Really, really sorry for you again and hopefully youll get another buyer quickly who isnt going to mess you about!

    We had something recently as we are / were thinking of selling and we had a potential buyer come to view the boat….. She was under the illusion that where we are moored in manchester city centre is a residential mooring that she can just take over if she buys the boat! Yet in our ad it specifically states where the mooring is! And where we are in particular right now there are no mooring spaces at all, never mind residential

    Stupidity/delusion/excitement??? I dont know!

    It IS bloody annoying though and a waste of everyones time

    Chin up 😉


  4. 🙂 Getting there.

    Tomorrow's wonderful crappy job is going to the lock up to dig out ornaments and pictures that have been wrapped in bubble stuff and buried deep in boxes. We'd stripped the lot.

    Golden rule number 450.001, a boat has to be adorned with such things in order to sell… Daft but true!

    I mean a picture of Aunty Betty wearing her best “nest hat” with duck feathers adorned just isn't going to do it really, but eye candy is?! (Mustn't forget to reinstate the fancy candle holder with a lid on either).

    It's supposed to be all about tech spec and fit out rather than pictures and wooden ducks but there ya go.

    Might even have to go bin diving to find some of the paraphernalia we've chucked!

    Last resort, beg and borrow from friends where there might (will) be gaps to fill.

    Then there's blu tack for the pictures, (curved walls) as you know.
    I threw the other lot out because it was about 20 years old and had turned to stone.

    Well never mind the way the boat works (as a boat's supposed to). At least the cupboards will be empty and ready for scrutiny.

    Never mind the fancy inverter either dear buyer, just dive into that empty wardrobe and see what ya think..

    See, you're reinstalling my sense of humour now, thanks so much!!!



  5. Hi Chuck,

    You know when we spoke the other day? I had this weird feeling that something was wrong because our phone calls were being ignored.
    We weren't even “pestering” eg: A text about whether to drain the water off, and what to do with the fridge freezer wasn't replied to.
    I hope they lost their deposit, certainly lost their mooring fees and out of water survey costs.

    We're not the type to bear grudges, or revenge. But the facts still hit hard, especially when future plans have been made that are f*cked for now.
    Will we ever get away?

    We now step back and start over again for the third time because of other peoples foolishness 😦



  6. Never mind. Another buyer will come along.

    I wouldnt “refurnish” it so to speak though. It might help people imagine their own stuff in there if it is more of a blank canvas.


  7. Hi NC,

    We've just brought a few little knick knacks back from storage to make it look “homely”

    Poor lass, she did look a bit bare when I took them down a few days ago!

    The advert on Apollo Duck is back online and we're putting her up for sale with New and Used boat company (based here at the marina) tomorrow. So the broker will be taking more photos to put on their website.

    Must remember to clean that goose shit off the window, blimey you'd have thought it was a flying piggy!

    You're right, there must be a buyer out there somewhere who hasn't got any hidden crisis issues!

    It's certainly something to consider in the future, we've learned from this even though it was supposed to be a dead cert.

    Request bank statements in advance? lol.



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