Amazing what a difference a day makes

We sat down yesterday and re-worked the future. The day before was a no brainer to us, but “gather thee acorns while ye can” and all that business…

So we went to the lock up and did the Harlem Shuffle, as in, ornaments of beauty had to be returned to the good ship. BUT, could we find them amidst our already packed storage boxes? I mean just to be on the “double safe” side of bumpy removal, these are things that get buried in bubble wrap and jumpers. Believe me, the picture of Aunty Betty and her beloved hat with part of a fishing net on top was a nightmare to find.

However there is some good news, having re-arranged the next few months of our life together. We put TT up for sale today with “New and Used” boat company here at Mercia marina.

If there’s any REAL interest without someone “living in dreamland” in the next month, we’ll stay to go through the process. The cut off point will be the end of October. We’re going back to Spain whatever, and beyond that we’ll leave the good ship in the hands of the broker. WE DON’T HAVE TO BE HERE TO GET A SALE.

So we’re going to bugger off anyway. If we need to fly back here to sign on the dotted line, then so be it. It’s still not a permanent move there though, we have to be back here in March for various reasons.

As far as the boat sale’s concerned, we’ve been lied to and cheated, so there will be no false, or real hopes anymore…

Goodbye to bogus buyers with their heads in the clouds…

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