One or the other?

Here’s Larry, the resident lizard at our Casa:


How cute, small yet perfectly formed, he only comes out at night. During the day he resides behind any one of the gorgeous Spanish style adornments displayed on the front of the house:



And thus..


Not real, but a close friend of his anyway who also resides on one of the arches…


Compared to these GEESE to put up with during our part time life afloat, there’s no competition…

2014-09-28 16.34.14

Easy to say that we encroach on their natural environment, but the irony is, the majority of the darn things spend most of their life on land. And they set all the dogs off with their 400 decibel squawking.

Payback? I know not, but you hardly ever see more than 10 of them in the water at the same time. If they weren’t happy about life ashore then surely they’d bugger off somewhere else…

What I do know about is the tons of SHIT we have to wade through on the way up the steps to the car park (and down again).

Dear me, it’s on a par with tip toeing through a cow field, being forced to do a new kind of break dance amidst the piles of POO… Break dance being the correct phrase. Break a shoe or even a leg. Find the gap if you can…

Thankfully they don’t hang around piers and jetty’s. But we’re surrounded by about 60 of the noisy squawking dirty things.

For any cynics amongst us: Does Larry poo on the walls or the floor? No…

Without any disrespect to this glorious marina, give me a little lizard (in the sun) to live with any day. It’s a total no brainer…

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